Quicken 2006 and .Mac Backup

Recently I started getting errors from Quicken 2006 (15.0.5 – R6) when it attempted to backup data to my .Mac account.  The backup process would launch and then error at Making a copy of the data file and give the following error:

Quicken cannot create a copy of your file to upload to .Mac

Check to make sure you have sufficient free space on your hard drive and that you have permission to read and write files. Please try again later.



SSL Certificates with DNS Aliases

At work I have several systems that provide SSL encrypted services but respond to multiple host-names. For instance an LDAP server may be named server1.example.com but have DNS aliases of ldap-1.example.com and directory.example.com. If a client system connects to ldap-1.example.com and the server returns an SSL certificate with a common name of server1.example.com ugliness will ensue.

To get around this problem one can install SSL certificates that employ the subjectAltName extension.