BIND Per-Domain Forwarding (For iTunes / Akamai Speed Issues)

The use of public DNS servers, such as Google DNS or OpenDNS, can provide increased security and reliability.  They can also work around the DNS Hijacking employed by many ISPs (often to serve ads) [yes, OpenDNS by default hijacks some DNS queries (for the typo correction), but this can be disabled in their “Advanced Settings” pane].

One potential downside to these services is that CDNs (such as Akamai) often make use of the query origin to determine the best site from which to serve content.  Using the public DNS service can cause slower than expected content delivery since the CDN incorrectly identifies the origin of your traffic.  Apple makes use of Akamai services to distribute iTunes / App Store content, this can easily slow iTunes downloads or the viewing of content via Apple TVs.