Random blank/black X sessions with GDM on a Dell GX280 running CentOS 5

While upgrading a lab of Dell GX280 systems to CentOS 5 today I ran into a bit of a snag. Seemingly at random when the system initially started or returned to the GDM login screen the user would get a black screen. The system still responded on the network, could be switched to VTs and the GDM screen would correctly display after a few gdm-restart commands. I found this bug report but no solution. I did notice that when the screen was blank if the mouse was moved up, till it the cursor (were it visible) would hit the top of the screen, the GDM screen would pop up and function normally.


Patching neon on OS X 10.5 for GSSAPI authenticated SubVersion

Today I was attempting to configure Apache (2.2) to control access to my SubVersion repositories using mod_auth_kerb and I hit a snag when attempting to access repositories from Leopard clients.


Quicken 2006 and .Mac Backup

Recently I started getting errors from Quicken 2006 (15.0.5 – R6) when it attempted to backup data to my .Mac account.  The backup process would launch and then error at Making a copy of the data file and give the following error:

Quicken cannot create a copy of your file to upload to .Mac

Check to make sure you have sufficient free space on your hard drive and that you have permission to read and write files. Please try again later.