Quicken 2006 and .Mac Backup

Recently I started getting errors from Quicken 2006 (15.0.5 – R6) when it attempted to backup data to my .Mac account.  The backup process would launch and then error at Making a copy of the data file and give the following error:

Quicken cannot create a copy of your file to upload to .Mac

Check to make sure you have sufficient free space on your hard drive and that you have permission to read and write files. Please try again later.


Apparently a previous run of the backup agent crashed and it left behind a temporary file that was preventing any further runs of the agent from completing. Simply removing the temporary file (which is automatically done on reboot) fixes the issue.

To fix the issue without rebooting just remove the Quicken Data.qdfm.dmg file from /private/var/tmp/folders.XXX/ where XXX (may be more than 3 digits) is your user id number.

For people not comfortable working with the command line you can reach this folder by:

  1. Choosing Go to Folder… from the Finder Go menu (⇧⌘G)
  2. Enter /private/var/tmp
  3. Open the only folders.XXX folder that you have access to
  4. Delete the Quicken Data.qdfm.dmg file

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